Landlords and businesses are required by law to have their gas appliances checked every 12 months, but there is no law that says homeowners should do this.

Our Gas Safe Heroes send reminders out to all of our customers every year so that they don’t forget to service their boilers, gas fires, ovens and hobs.

We so this for three reasons;

1)      To maintain the guarantee period on your appliance

2)      To ensure your appliance is working efficiently and costing you less to run

3)      To make sure your appliance is safe and not endangering your family

So you can see why it’s important to have your appliances checked every year by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.


If you’re not one of our customers then why not set a reminder on your electronic calendar each year so you don’t forget to book a service?


Better still, give us a call on 01229 824567 and we can add you to our service database and ensure you never miss a service again.


Your family could be a t risk if your appliances are faulty – or you could be spending too much money on fuel bills.